About Us

My focus felt scattered all over the place with so much going on in the world.  I found myself worn out by daily happenings and it really left me feeling like I needed to add some new color in my life...…

It’s important to discover an activity that helps settle your heart, regains my focus and restores my energy.

At CraftsLive, we're dedicated to helping others find and create their latest life masterpieces.  From our own experience, we understand the feeling when life becomes colorless, repetitive and bland.

It's that feeling that makes us seek something new to dedicate our focus to.  And for everyone here, that meant it was time to get crafty!

All of our products are curated and sourced by an incredible team of lovely humans at CraftsLive.  We vet out manufacturers who use top grade materials that are not only long-lasting but maintain beauty beyond its years.

Our mission is to help you find your next greatest hobby.  We hope you're ready!

Jane Faraday

Owner, Mother, Grandmother

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