LED Light Box

LED Light Box

LED Light Box

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What's the Secret to Creating A Shimmering Masterpiece? 

By Doing One Diamond At A Time!

This is one of the best accessories that saves you time and helps you stay focused while creating your dazzling masterpieces.  The LED Light Box allows you to see colors and number much quicker, so that you can easily move between colors at a faster pace.  Most of our customers have loved upgrading to using the light box and enjoy how thin this gadget is.  At 3.5mm, it doesn't add any extra space but does add so much more to the painting experience.

Best yet, the LED light box makes painting quicker so you're able to finish even more painting in half the time!  Avoid the confusion and you'll that much closer to hanging up your masterpiece.

What People Are Saying About CraftsLive


I have been playing with Zen Diamonds for a couple of years now and haven’t seen these designs with a high quality anywhere else.  CraftsLive is THE BEST!

Christina N.

Super easy to set up for a beginner, like me!  Diamond Painting isn't complicated at all.  I was in the zone for hours and almost finished my first painting the same day.

Nancy Turner

This is a company you can trust! I LOVE my “Starry Night” canvas, and was so happy to see that diamonds actually stay on.  None of them fell compared to diamond paintings from other companies.

Andrea Morrison
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